My personal setup - ThinkPad

This article was last updated on 2022-04-10, the content may be out of date.

After writing a post about my phone setup, I realized that I haven’t had one for my bigger machine (touchy). So here it goes.

So my currently setup is a ThinkPad T480 and… yeah, that’s all. You heard it right. I plan to get a 27 inch monitor later though. And furthermore, a legit PC? Oh don’t forget my “soon to be bought” mechanical keyboard ( I have a long wishes list. I meant, who doesn’t?).

And that ThinkPad is running Arch Linux and the window manager is i3gaps . I use this machine mainly for programming, writing, reading and browsing. Here are some softwares I’m using:

  • Firefox: Internet browsing.
  • Vim, VSCodium: code/ text editor
  • Weechat: IRC client
  • Element: Matrix client
  • GIMP: Image editor
  • Android Studio: Android development learning
  • Syncthing: synchronization software
  • KDE Connect: Connect to Android phone

See below the full specs:

Title Description
Machine ThinkPad T480
Storage 250GB SSD
Memory 8GB RAM
OS Arch Linux
DE/WM i3gaps
IDE/Editor of Choice vim or VScodium
Shell zsh