My Degoogled Phone

This is my degoogled-setup for my phone, following up to this post. This android phone is powered with a custom rom and has no GAPPS pre-installed which means no Google Play services, no spyware.

I will try to keep this post updated.
  • AOSP camera
  • AOSP contact
  • AOSP clock
  • AOSP messaging
  • DAVx5: CalDAV/CardDAV Synchronization and Client.
  • FairEmail : Email client. I used to use K-9 Mail, it’s still a solid choice if you don’t like FairEmail.
  • Files : Simple file manager.
  • FlorisBoard : An open-source keyboard which respects your privacy.
  • KISS Launcher : Seriously the most comfortable launcher I’ve ever used.
  • Organic Maps : Offline maps with turn-by-turn navigation.
  • Simple Gallery Pro : Basic yet highly customizable offline gallery.
  • Simple Calendar Pro: Open source calendar app.

There are just too many of them

  • AntennaPod : Featured rich and beautiful podcast client.
  • Feeder : Decent RSS Feeder.
  • AdAway : Block ads and trackers.
  • AfWall+ : Firewall (iptables frontend).
  • WireGuard : Android GUI for WireGuard.
  • Syncthing : Sync all of my files across devices without going to any servers.
  • Dawn for Reddit: Unofficial client for Reddit.
  • Newpipe : Lightweight YouTube frontend that doesn’t require google account and has no ads. (not really degoogled but I try to limit it as much as possible)
  • Goodtime: Minimalist Pomodoro Timer
  • Loop Habit Tracker: Track your habits and long-term goals
  • Orgzly : Notes and Todo app with Org-mode.
  • ReadEra : EReader for books and document viewer (proprietary software)
  • F-Droid : My only place to install applications.
  • KeepassDX : Secure and open source password manager. Synced to my PC via Syncthing.
  • OpenKeyChain : PGP key manager. Can be used to encrypt and decrypt files, emails,..
  • Termux : Terminal emulator.